Anonymous asked:

Can you explain in details how was the first blowjob you gave ? :) Please !

Well….the very first time… I was at a friend’s house on a Friday night and we decided to go to a club, so we called our closest friends and told them to meet us at her house. After everyone got there, we got some bottles and we took a couple shots before we left. We were cabbing it to and from the club so we were covered. After the club we went back to her house to keep the party going. Everyone started leaving but one (one of my best friends). He asked if he could stay over and it was ok, I was already staying lol. The two of us didn’t really drink that much but everyone else was waisted. My firiend went up to her room and we stayed in the basement. She came back down with some blankets and pillows for us, we said goodnight and she left. Me and him were just sitting on a 2 person couch watching TV and talking. He was really nervous for some reason. So then he said, can ask you something? I said yeah, so he said promise not to laugh, I said yeah I promise. So he got closer and closer and then kissed me and pulled away and said wow your lips are really soft. I smiled and said thanks. So he came back and kissed me again but this time he didn’t pull away. We started to make out, my hands were wrapped around his neck and his were all over me. Then he grabbed my ass and pulled me on top of him. His hands were still all over my ass and our hearts kept besting faster and faster. He then started lifting my shirt and he took it off, he took his off too. I then stood up and he did too, he kept making out. It was as if I was no longer on controll of my body and I slowly started lowering as he’s guiding me with his hand on my head, kissing his chest, down to his really nice abs and I’m finnally on my knees as we both breathe heavily. I unbuttoned his jeans and unzipped his fly and pulled them down, he stepped out of them. I kissed his dick through his american eagle undies. I pulled down his underwear and his dick just jumped out. He stepped out of them and he said, like what you see? It was a full 8.5 inch dick with shaved pubes. I smiled and said yeah. He smiled too and said well it’s all yours. I grabbed it and jerked him off. I lifted his dick up against his abs and started licking his low hanging balls up to the tip as he moaned. Then I couldn’t hold it anymore so I opened my mouth and took as much of his dick as I could and started sucking him off really slow at first, struggling to breathe. After a couple of minutes I got the hang of it and started going a little faster and taking a little bit more every time. He was about to cum, so he pulled out and said to wait a little, said that I was doing good for my first time. After 5 minutes he said I could go back to it, so I did. I keep sucking him a little faster. He was going crazy moaning and telling me how good I was, how he had been waiting for this moment, going a little aggressive as I keept going saying good little bitch, take my dick, that’s right you’re my bitch now. He was about to cum again so I stopped. I asked him why he would make me stop and he said that he was saving the best for last. I too was going crazy, he’s hads were on the back of my head, he would fuck my mouth and started to deepthroat him. The first 8 tries I gagged a little and couldn’t really accomplish it. Then…..the shoe fit! I took every inch of him. Keeping him inside longer every time, I would lick his balls as he was in my throat. I would pull away, jerk him off a little and take it all back in. Then he said this is what I was saving for you he started to throat fuck me and said that’s right baby I’m gonna cum, he pulled out and said take a deep breath quick, so I did, then she shoeved his dick back in my throat gave a couple of thrusts and started to cum right in my throat as he was pulling out, he left his head in my mouth and kept pumping cum. It was the biggest load I’ve ever seen. My mouth was so full, he said open your mouth and let me see all my cum, I did and then he said now swallow it and I swallowed every last drop. Then put his he’d in my mouth and sucked it a little for some left over. We sat back on the couch and he said you’re so fucking good!!! We made out and then he said there’s more I wanna do with you and then the rest happened lol. It’s a really long story but I hope I answered your question :)